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Howard created Typal Academy since he loves learning and sharing new ideas. With degrees in computer science, mathematics, and physics, Howard spent a great deal of time helping other students via tutoring and lecturing for STEM courses both through university and privately (including as an assistant adjunct professor at UCLA). He now works in tech, but creates educational content as a side hobby.

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Although great resources exist for people learning maths for standard courses (e.g. calculus and ODEs), such material for proof-based classes is quite lacking. This shortcoming is, in part, due to the different nature of proof-based courses. Howard had a brutal transition when he started his first real analysis course (also known as “advanced calculus”). Proofs felt like obscure paragraphs about quoting theorems and too much was “left as an exercise to the reader.” The struggle to overcome this barrier and see patterns took Howard an extraordinary amount of time (years).

When helping others, it became clear many undergrads are dissuaded from mathematics for this same situation: not being able to interact with resources (e.g. tutors) that can help put abstract ideas in forms they understand (e.g. intuitive graphics). Moreover, many students that may want to learn material like real analysis cannot afford to do so through universities. Typal Academy addresses both matters head on. The majority of problems in real analysis classes have common patterns that can be replicated to make templates for thinking about new problems. Undoubtedly, a great amount of effort and failed attempts are required to succeed in math studies. Yet, students can be empowered right from the start with simple and friendly explanations. This newsletter follows Howard’s ongoing creation of new content for how to apply real analysis concepts (i.e. visualize relationships and write clear and rigorous proofs), providing the basis for a future online course.

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